Alexandria Lettering — $1.00 outer envelope, .50 inner envelope

Alexandria Lettering Sample Two

Alexandria Lettering Sample Three

Alexandria Lettering Sample Four

Classic Lettering Sample One $2.50 outer envelope, $1.00 inner envelope

Classic Lettering Sample Two, $1.00 placecard

Fine Penmanship Sample One — .50 outer envelope , .30 inner envelope

Fine Penmanship Sample Two — .35 placecard

Fine Penmanship Sample Three

Fine Penmanship Sample Four

Georgian Sample One — .85 outer envelope, .40 inner envelope

Georgian Sample Two — .75 placecard

Georgian Sample Three

Georgian Sample Four

Georgian Sample Five

Isabella Sample One — $2.50 outer envelope, $1 inner envelope

Raleigh Sample One — 1.20 outer envelope, .50 inner envelope

Raleigh Sample Two — .75 placecard

Raleigh Sample Three

Raleigh Sample Four

Savannah Sample One — $1.25 outer envelope, .50 inner envelope

Savannah Sample Two — .75 placecard

Savannah Sample Three

Savannah Sample Four

Savannah Sample Five

Victoria Sample One — $1.00 outer envelope, .50 inner envelope

Victoria Sample Two — .75 placecard

Victoria Sample Three

A Special Note About Ink Colors

While we very strongly recommend using black ink for addressing invitation envelopes (doing so is most formal, traditional, and preferred by the Post Office for ease of legibility), occasionally we receive requests for lettering in ink colors other than black.

If you are interested in having your invitation envelopes lettered in an ink color other than black, please let us know prior to sending your envelopes. We will only letter envelopes in color ink if you have obtained a sample from us and approved the ink color and thickness prior to having us begin the order. We recommend this because there are many different hues of all colors and if you are trying to match a particular shade and/or thickness of style, this will confirm that we have the particular hue or thickness on hand. Alternatively, you may provide us with specific pens that you have purchased and we will letter using those, assuming you have guaranteed that they are exactly the hue and thickness you desire.

**Please note that the Fine Penmanship Script is ONLY available in black ink**

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